Once I start the test can I stop and resume?
Yes you may stop the test at any time. Your test is automatically saved where you left off.

Can I log back in and correct / view my answers?
You may log back in but the test will only resume where you left off. It is not possible to go back, change answers, or view incorrect answers.

I want to re-print my quiz results
Once you take the online quiz, your results are saved to our system. You may log in anytime and re-print your quiz results.

Do I need to take a class?
It is not necessary to take an in-class course to become a Certified Tanning Professional.

What about my cosmetology license?
You have the option to submit your cosmetology number on your answer sheet. Completing the Tanning Professional Certification contributes 4 credit hours to your cosmetology license ONLY if it is included on your answer sheet.

I want to get re-certified. What steps do I take?
Tanning Professional Certifications expire four years from the date certificate is printed. This four year time lapse requires those who wish to be re-certified to repeat the original certification process (including the original fee).

I failed the exam. What do I do?
A failing grade is defined as missing 13 or more questions on the quiz or exam. In the event of a failed exam, the person must contact Suntan Supply to acquire a new username and password. At this time they may re-take the online quiz followed by the written. No time restrictions.