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OR Hold -Control- while clicking until Quiz fully Pops Up (CTRL located bottom left on Keyboard)
Monday April 23rd, 2018   
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How do I log in?
Enter the username and password that was given to you at the time of registration. Press the ￿Start Quiz￿ button to continue.

After registering by calling 800-994-8484, you will receive a username and password. At the top of this page, you will see a place to enter these. Press the Go button to continue.

I logged in but nothing happens
There may a pop-up blocker or security setting enabled. The test will be a separate screen that pops up, which some computers will automatically block. If it seems nothing happens the username and password IS CORRECT. Most commonly a yellow bar will appear at the top of the screen notifying you that a pop-up has been blocked. You can right-click on the bar and select the option ￿Temporarily allow pop-ups￿. If this doesn￿t work try putting in the username and password and hold down the CTRL key as you click the Start Quiz button.

Still nothing...
Try disabling your pop-ups. From your home page click: tools > pop-up blocker > disable

Still nothing...
From your homepage click:Tools > Internet Options > Delete Browsing History

If the pop-ups still will not disable you must try it from a different computer. Local libraries offer free internet use. Contact Suntan Supply if additional assistance is needed.

I logged in but I am getting an error code / My username or password is not valid
The log-in information may be incorrect. Make the information entered is with the proper format. The username will ALWAYS be the Applicant￿s last name and the password will be a four digit number dash quiz (xxxx￿quiz). Please see example below. If the applicant is Joe Smith and his password is 1234,

Username: Smith
Password: 1234

If the proper format is being used and you still receive an error code, please contact Suntan Supply to verify that the spelling and / or password is correct.