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Monday April 23rd, 2018   


Certified Tanning Professional Online Training Course Only $29.95 per person - Effective June 2014

Our Train Ohio Certified Tanning Professional course has been approved and acknowledged by the State Board of Cosmetology for providing each student with an essential understanding for the cause and effects of fluorescent sun lamps, using ultraviolet light or other artificial radiation on the human skin. This course is designed for owners, managers, employees and future employees of salons or facilities that offer tanning. It covers basic concepts, principles and key elements of the tanning process including ultraviolet radiation, effects on the skin, photosensitivity, skin typing, FDA and state regulations, eye protection, equipment and maintenance.

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Certified Tanning Professional Salon One Year Starting 11/1/16

Only $199.99 per ONE SALON with 10 certifications for 1 year. $10 per certification after 10 are used.

Only $300.00 per TWO SALONS with 20 certifications for 1 year. $9 per certification after 20 are used.

Only $400.00 per THREE SALONS with 30 certifications for 1 year. $8 per certification after 30 are used.

Only $500.00 per FOUR SALONS with 40 certifications for 1 year. $7 per certification after 40 are used.

Only $600.00 per FIVE SALONS with 50 certifications for 1 year. $6 per certification after 50 are used.

For more than FIVE SALONS call us for a customized program.

Need extra help for the holidays? Large Staff? Here is your opportunity to save, with our new multiple salon program! It is the same great training program made more convenient than ever! Email for additional information.

We have over 100 Testing Centers conveniently located in almost every county across the state of Ohio!

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